• Pennsylvania Trust

    a coalition of employee benefit trusts 

    Formed in 1983, Pennsylvania Trust (PA Trust) provides employee benefits at cost effective values for school entities in Pennsylvania. Its mission is to negotiate unique contracts for services that exceed national standards on pricing, discount arrangements, provider network access and compliance with state and federal laws.

    Valuable programs and services include:

    • Catastrophic insurance coverage with Avalon Insurance Company

    • Doctor and hospital network access and discounted costs with Capital BlueCross

    • A prescription drug program with Express Scripts

    • Compliance advice and training for school employers on benefit laws including COBRA, HIPAA, Medicare Part D, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), federal statutes and Healthcare Reform

    • GASB 75 OPEB (other post employment benefits) valuation services with Conrad Siegel

    • OPEB investment services

      The Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit is the administrative agent for Pennsylvania Trust.